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MS2 Radiography Cloak

The PartTec MS2 was designed and patented to meet the security and safety demands of the Group 1R Lock Devices. Lightweight and non-hazardous, the PartTec MS2 is quickly installed into existing Group 1 locking mechanisms without retooling or redesign.

This patented technology uses a unique method of layering materials and embedding objects which both diffuse the image and produce artificial images. All methods of radiography are defeated, including x-ray, gamma ray, neutron, and backscatter (Compton scatter) imaging. The MS2 cloak hides the internal workings of mechanical locks and other high security containers. The Radiography Cloak is at minimum four times more effective than specified in UL 768 for Group 1R High Security Locks. It is also better at stopping gamma and x-rays than lead, without the toxicity issues.

The Radiography Cloak is currently designed to fit high security locks from 3 different drawer types. The Radiography Cloak can also be customized to fit your specific assets. Contact PartTec, Ltd. to speak with one of our scientists or engineers about options for your special imaging protection needs and dimensions for the current Radiography Cloak design.

Download Product Bulletin (PDF)