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Management Team

Herschel Workman, Chief Executive Officer & Director
Herschel Workman, CPA, has been involved in PartTec's development since its founding in 2002. He is an experienced veteran with start-up companies with more than 25 years of experience in capital formation, strategic and management planning, and executive management for early stage companies. In April 2010, Herschel received patent approval for the methods and materials developed to protect high security locking devices and other materials from radiographic imaging. Prior to PartTec, he headed up the efforts to convert the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility from an NSF captive laboratory to a robust multi-disciplined entity. While there, he contributed significantly to the planning and the construction management effort that resulted in the Midwest Proton Radiotherapy Institute and then became that startup company's first Finance Director and Compliance Officer. Herschel has helped companies in diverse industries including manufacturing, distribution, and health care, once serving as an advisor to the Kansas Department of Medicaid in their two-year long project to create, issue and evaluate responses for their RFP for Computerized Claims Processing. Herschel graduated with a BS from the University of Kentucky and received his CPA license from the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1976.