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Handheld Neutron Detection Technology (Degen)

The Degen technology is designed as a plug-in neutron detection technology for small radiation devices. Unlike other neutron detectors, the Degen technology provides a flexible platform that neutron detector manufacturers can quickly take to market. Its quick plug-in connection and simple software interface makes the Degen a cinch to adopt.

This technology represents advancement in neutron detection utilizing wavelength shifting fibers to enhance normal scintillation technology. The goal was to develop a product to replace existing helium-3 (3He) detector tubes. Unlike Boron 10, BF3, and Straw tubes, the Degen detectors maximize neutron efficiency, maximize gamma discrimination, and provide accurate neutron counting without advanced electronics.

This advanced neutron detector utilizes PartTec’s patented technologies for neutron detection and meets the ANSI N42.34-2006. The purpose of this standard is to establish performance requirements for hand-held radionuclide identification instruments for the DHS (U.S. Department of Homeland Security).

The Degen Neutron Detector line was developed as a “plug-in” device. Utilizing a simple electronic interface and software, it is compatible with standard ©Windows operating systems and other digital signal monitoring software/ firmware. The combination of easy set-up and low cost make the Degen line the most compatible neutron detection technology in the industry.

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